How to fix the blade wear of a large shredder

         The tool is the most important component for large-scale shredder equipment. The quality of the tool is good and bad. The quality of the tool also affects the shredding power of the large shredder. The large shredder mainly uses the tool to cut the material. Cut the shredded, so the request for the tool is very high, good shredder blade prices are also high, large shredders blade attributed to the most weary equipment accessories, so the user later on the shredder blade replacement is also a The cost of the Philippines, and that some users asked, large blade of the blade can be amended? The answer is yes, but the large-scale shredder of the tool is more grasping the edge, unlike other mechanical tool is flat, only need to use the grinding machine to repair its edge can be. Multi-cutting edge of the large-scale shredder tool can not be grinding with a grinding machine, if only for the shredder blade blade grinding repair will form the gap between the blades is too large, the result is the tear out of the material size Bigger, less than the user's granularity request. As a professional large-scale shredder manufacturers, we consider for the user thoughtful, to convey a wide range of users of large-scale shredder tool accurate correction method, large-scale shredder tool wear is mainly reflected in the knife claw, so the most simple way to amend That is, the use of polishing machine on the inside of the edge of the edge of the blade of the shredder to throw, until the blade edge sharp stop, in the polishing process, we should pay attention to the arc of the knife claw, and must and tear Machine blade flat straight, so dare to ensure that the loss of the shredder cutter body to reach the minimum. We can for a large time shredder users for a long time supply shredder tool equipment to ensure that the original authentic, for the user to provide excellent after-sales service, look forward to users around to choose your suitable large-scale shredders.

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