08-29 2018

Common problems and solutions for sawdust crusher

Some problems will inevitably occur when the sawdust is crushed. But the common problems can be solved as long as we find out the reasons for their occurrence in time, so as not to delay the production of sawdust crusher. The motor smokes and the fuse blows: the feed is too much, the crushing chamber is clogged, the motor is overloaded, the feeding should be stopped, and the feeding should be resumed when the normal state is restored; the sieve hole is blocked, the crushing room material can not 鈥

08-24 2018

Simple introduction to building template crusher

The building formwork refers to the building planks on the construction site, the bamboo targets, the wooden boards with nails, the bamboo plastic sheets for packaging, the shelves, the brackets, the pallets and other wooden frames. The new building formwork pulverizer is mainly composed of main parts such as working platform, feed pressure roller and conveyor; Feed conveying: placing the wood to be crushed; Feeding pressure roller: control the feeding speed and keep the sheet material from slipp鈥

08-23 2018

Causes the blockage of the straw pulverizer

Recently, a customer came to the phone and consulted the manufacturer that his straw pulverizer equipment was not discharged at the time of production. This is a very serious problem. The straw pulverizer is out of the way. First, consider what material you smash. If it is a corn stalk with large moisture, then you must stop the machine, open the machine, and clean the material in the crushing chamber. Because the straw with large moisture can easily block the sieve hole, the sieve hole is to con鈥

04-12 2018

Treatment method of broken shaft of scrap crusher

In the long-term operation of the scrap crusher , there are generally three reasons for the main shaft break: spindle quality problems, external influence factors, and spindle fatigue fracture. For the first two, according to the actual situation to select the appropriate spindle material, to ensure the normal external factors, you can avoid the problem of spindle fracture. However, for the third party, the reason is that the feed material is biased to one side and the material is unevenly distri鈥

03-05 2018

Analysis of metal crusher boot does not start what is the reason

A set of high-quality metal crusher daily workload is also very large, metal crusher to long-term better work must be regular maintenance of metal crusher is still very necessary. Today, Hongrun introduced the common problems of metal crushers, the normal boot does not start how to deal with. 1, met the metal crusher boot does not start it is necessary to check the bottom of the power supply, plug, power cord there is no oxygen off, the skin has no signs of fracture, Ruoyouruowu can plug in the p鈥

02-24 2018

Canister crusher big shaft shaking how to solve

Canister crusher big shaft shaking how to solve鈥

02-05 2018

Metal crusher buy Do not just look at the price

Metal crusher manufacturers in many parts of the country, the form and style are also different, each area of 鈥嬧媡he name and yield measurement standards are not the same. Therefore, the purchaser must be aware of the consultation, clearly explain their needs, more than a few contrast, to choose the strength of the larger manufacturers to visit the field. When buying metal crusher do not just look at the price, to understand the crusher after the particle size of the material to meet their own鈥

02-05 2018

Diversify the development of metal crushers

How to diversify the development of metal crusher is now considered by many businesses issues, metal crusher from birth to now has gone through some twists and turns, also experienced glory. Over the past two years the manufacturer suddenly more up, the competition in the industry will also be fierce up, some poor quality manufacturers with a bad reputation of metal crusher. Faced with such a cruel market competition, Hongrun Machinery intends to diversify the road of metal crusher development. H鈥

01-30 2018

Suddenly the template crusher fever is caused by this

Suddenly the template crusher fever is caused by this鈥

01-25 2018

Wood crusher in use what are the problems

Wood crusher in use what are the problems鈥